Make Money - 3 Fundamental Principles To Make Money

Published: 16th April 2009
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Make money can be made easier, more relaxed and less stressful with 3 fundamental make money rules. These money making rules are simple yet very effective. Use the law of attraction, prepare yourself, make research and take action.

Make Money Principle 1 - Use the Universal Law of Attraction to Attract Money

Money is attracted if you think about how to make more of it, desire it and focus on it. As Madonna a few decades said "I am a material girl and I am Living in a material world" make a wish list of your dreams, passions, desires, in general material things you would be much happier having them. There are no rules such as exclude very expensive items or objects of desire. The law of attraction says to focus on what we want to earn and receive and repeat the process sending our thoughts to the universe. Then the universe will return to us in a material way our thoughts, attracting them. Although there are many claims for this secret to be true, the argument that we will be day-dreamers and waste our time making dreams can be dealt with the idea and need of positive thinking and mood. Do you prefer to be optimistic or pessimistic? To think about life, business in a positive attitude or a negative one? At least focusing on your wish list is an effective to motivate you and a good motive is always good. No do not focus on your rich relative to pass away and inherit his or her fortune. Think of good things and actions to make money.

Make Money Principle 2 - Prepare yourself for reward and make some research.

Prepare yourself that additional wealth, success, capital, income or cash will change your ordinary lifestyle. Visualize good changes and how to incorporate them in your daily routine. Imagine success, new behaviour and attitude, new habits. If you prepare mentally and psychologically your mind then you have taken a great step towards making more money by having a real motive. A motive without limits, no matter unrealistic they are. Ok the idea of being a billionaire within next year may seem out of space, but on the other hand factors such as destiny, luck or even an unexpected event such as forecasting the exact bottom of stock market and buying derivatives to have great leverage in your return may reward you with turning a few thousand dollars investment into a few millions if a large move occurs according to your position.

Make Money Principle 3 - Take Action

Make money and wealth comes with mainly taking action, following a few steps at a time and putting the great rule of compounding into force. Compounding is the idea that repeated actions lead to greater results over time. Just when you have a debt and you only pay a small portion of it each month and you wonder why after a year it has increased rather than decreased due to the compounding of interest the same idea can work for your benefit. Make a list of how can people save more money in this financial crisis, write and eBook or report and market it on the internet. Find the next billionaire idea? A product that will be cheap, reliable, in great demand and people will not be able to live without it. Use your imagination, your intuition, your ingenuity or perception. Be brave, bold, and innovative. Just like in the movie "Slumdog Millionaire" it may be your destiny to make money.

Make money following these 3 principles

Why not start using these 3 basic principles to make money today? Attract material things and feel good. Prepare yourself for a large positive change. And take action to make money.

Stavros Georgiadis is an Economist. He writes about how to make money and also about internet business related topics, plus runs an online business.

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